The TEAM coaching programs have proven to be highly effective and resource efficient in supporting leaders with their leadership growth and improving team effectiveness at the same time.Thus TEAM coaching engagements create measurable leadership growth for the leader as well as for the team as whole using Marshall’s unique Stakeholder Centered Coaching process.

The yearlong TEAM coaching programs are typically structured as follows (min. 5 team members):

   2 daysTEAM coaching workshop to initiate the coaching and leadership growth process.

   6- 11 Monthly TEAM Coaching and Monthly Action Planning sessions.

Advantages of TEAM coaching:

Changing leaders and teams at the same time:

The team as a whole articulates one leadership growth area and each team member defines their own leadership growth area that relates to the team focus. This creates an interdependent team effort with a common focus on producing results for their individual effectiveness and team productivity simultaneously.

Insider expertise:

Team members should be in a position to provide expert advice and an insider view to each otheras it relates to their business, their people, and their team culture challenges. They become de facto coaches.

Openness to continuous change:

When team members collaborate as stakeholders in the TEAM coaching programs, it creates an open culture for leadership and team culture change. Furthermore team members feel comfortable to use feedback and feedforward around the organization to drive change for themselves and their teams.

Resource efficient:

Since one executive coach works with all team members supporting each other in this TEAM coaching process the whole coaching program is very time efficient and reduces coaching fees per team member.

Coaching is a leadership skill:

Many organizations use coaching as an 'executive intervention' or to 'fix a problem', but this is a suboptimal approach to coaching. Coaching is a leadership skill and leaders in organizations should be skilled coaches to help their teams develop and grow. Same as we expect effective leaders to be highly skilled in e.g. communication, decision making and empowerment, leaders should be highly skilled in coaching others. TEAM coaching is a great program to instill coaching as a leadership skill in the organization.

As thinking about and intending to change are not the same as actual change in behavior acknowledged by stakeholders, coaching for leadership growth and team effectiveness is a lot about 'a disciplined process of implementation' and not about 'participating in coaching workshops'. An important part of TEAM coaching is team members supporting each other as stakeholders and coaches, while implementing their action plans to make change visible. Therefore, this program is ideally suited for leaders and their (cross functional / project) teams tomeasurably change their individual and collective effectiveness as they lead and develop their teams, and at the same time develop their coaching skills to further role out this coaching process with their direct reports. TEAM coaching can be a very effective and cost efficient way to grow leaders, change teams and develop the organizational culture.