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People skills

The workshop focuses on basics of inter-personal skills, role of assertive behaviour in developing people skills, practicing empathy and Positive personality traits.

Communication Capsule

  • Effective communication is an essential skill for virtually everyone. This program will help you master the skills you need to excel in today’s competitive workplace. There can be many benefits for organizations which include enhanced clarity between employees, more effective outcomes, less time wastage caused by misunderstandings, greater efficiency and better working relationships.
  • The workshop can be customized as per the client’s needs in highlighting the following areas:

   Effective Listening                                                 Email Writing

   Verbal Communication Dynamics                        Public Speaking

   Written Communication                                        NLP and Communication

   Interpersonal Effectiveness                                  High Impact Presentation

   High Impact Business Communication

  • Specialised Workshops:

  •                                                    Assertiveness
  •                                                    Emotional Intelligence

High Impact Presentation Skills Program

  • An engaging and effective presentation tends to change the audience’s attention and get them to reflect or act differently with a clear focused message, logical arguments and gripping visuals combined with an effective delivery that evokes emotions.

  • No matter what the subject, engaging and effective presentation skills training helps you deliver your content with poise and power. Give your words an appeal that captures attention and leads to inspiration and involvement.

  • This session will help you to transform your ideas and visions into influential presentations. It will help you in creating a high impact and establishing you as an absolute subject matter expert with power and passion.